maandag 28 mei 2012

Annual Meeting 2012

Video discussion of how Christ calls us together

Christ calls us together

Dear Fellow Members and Friends,
We all have encounters in our daily lives—whether family, church, community, or just one-on-one. Are these encounters merely the result of human planning? Or can we look more deeply and see a divine impulsion behind them? Can we discern that it’s actually Christ that calls us together? That call not only pulls us together as a movement, but it also pushes us outward to acknowledge and embrace a global and denominational unity.
View a new video featuring the Board of Directors and other members from around the world sharing ideas and experiences about this Christ-calling and Church Alive.
Not surprisingly, the theme for Annual Meeting 2012 will include the spirit of Christ calling us into unity. Annual Meeting will be held on Monday, June 4, at 1 pm, both in Boston and webcast live on the Internet. While last year’s focus, Church Alive, continues this year, we’re recognizing how that focus has shown evidence of the Christ calling us to inspired activities—both in church and in the community.
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Thank you for all you are doing in response to the Christ acting in your life.
Nathan Talbot
Clerk of The Mother Church

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