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Defeating jealousy

 Sentinel Audio Chat

"Jealousy is the grave of affection," wrote Mary Baker Eddy (Science and Health with Key to the Scripturesp. 68). No one wants to feel jealous, or to be the subject of someone's jealous thoughts. Jealousy can affect all kinds of relationships, from marriages, to family ties, friendships, and even in the workplace. But jealousy can also be defeated, with a spiritual response––with a genuine love and trust of others, which comes from the understanding that, as God's universal family, we can have no real rivals or enemies.
If you're struggling with jealousy, there's hope. Join this chat with Christian Science practitioner Susan Mack from Saint Louis, Missouri, and bring your questions so you can help us all find more healing, tenderness, affection, and love.
About Susan Mack: Susan Mack is a Christian Science practitioner who lives with her family in St. Louis, Missouri. She has written many articles for The Christian Science Journal and the Christian Science Sentinel. In addition to serving over 20 years in the practice of Christian Science, she has given many talks on that subject. An active church member, she has been an Institutional Chaplain, Reader, Sunday School teacher, soloist, and has also engaged in interfaith work.

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