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Healing division and conflict

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If you're in the middle of a contentious situation at home, at work, or in the community, prayer can bring calm and open the way to resolve the differences. The harmonizing truth of God's perfect, impartial, loving government of His creation can help you realize that despite apparent conflicts, God, the only Mind, is infinite and ever-present, guiding and blessing each one. The deep reality is that each individual can understand and respond to God’s unifying wisdom and love.
About Brian Talcott: Brian Talcott became actively involved with the Christian Science church while attending the University of California, Berkeley. He received a bachelor of architecture degree from that school and a master of theology degree in biblical studies from Boston University while training to be a military chaplain. Both as a Protestant chaplain in the United States Air Force, and for over 30 years in the public practice of Christian Science, Brian has encountered most phases of human experience and its challenges, including physical illness, troubled relationships, addiction to alcohol and drugs, child abuse and domestic violence, and mental illness.
He and his wife, Nancy, have two grown daughters and live in Berkeley, California, where Brian is a Christian Science teacher and practitioner. He is also a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship.

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