maandag 2 april 2012

Journal - Sentinel - Heraut Online

Beginning today, April 2, 2012, you can subscribe to JSH-Online, a single source for accessing, searching, reading, listening, studying, and sharing over 129 years of Journal, Sentinel, and Herald publishing!
       129        Years of Journal, Sentinel, and Herald
250,000         Articles and testimonies
800,000         Links from Journal and Sentinel articles to Concord Express
  30,000         Minutes of audio
            6         Online periodicals
            1               WEBSITE

JSH-Online highlights include:
  • Searches by author, title, type, date, or by any word in the full text of every article.
  • All articles can be read in a modern, easy-to-read format, or from the original pages from 1883 to today’s latest Journal, Sentinel, and Herald*. (*Herald archives will be added fall 2012)
  • Sharing, printing, or e-mailing articles to friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Listening to, searching through, and sharing new JSH-Online audio programs from the Journal, Sentinel, and Herald, along with 12 years of weekly Sentinel-Radio programs.
  • Click on citations from the published writings of Mary Baker Eddy and the King James Version of the Bible, and open a link to these quotes in context, using a customized interface with the new online Concord Express.

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