woensdag 28 september 2011

Upcoming chat

You don't have to be lonely

Ron Mangelsdorf, C.S.B.
Tuesday, October 11, 2011
2:00pm EDT - 3:00pm EDT
"God sets the solitary in families" is one of the Bible's many promises of divine Love's care for all people (Ps. 68:6 New King James Version). In God's eyes you are perfect, loved and lovable, needed and cared for. To find out more about how you can experience the fulfillment that comes from God's love, bring your questions and concerns to this live audio chat with a Christian Science healer and teacher.
About Ron Mangelsdorf: Born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, Ron Mangelsdorf is a Christian Science practitioner and teacher who now resides in Alaska. Ron received an engineering degree from the University of Illinois, served four years as the Committee on Publication for Alaska, and also worked for The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston for three years in their federal legislative office in Washington, DC. Ron and his wife have three children.

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