dinsdag 19 april 2011

Upcoming chat 26 april 2011

Don't gamble on gambling

Lynn Jackson, C.S.B.
Tuesday, April 26, 2011
2:00pm EDT - 3:00pm EDT
From lotteries to slot machines and online gambling schemes, its easier than ever to "take a chance." Family First Aids reports a 600% increase in teen and college-age gambling between 2001 and 2005, as a result of more access to casinos and internet gambling sites. Besides the economic and social problems that can arise from gambling, reliance on luck can make life feel like a risky business, full of ups and downs.
There is an alternative. Whether or not you're a gambler, this live Sentinel chat will offer Christian Science concepts that will give you a spiritual perspective on life. You'll discover God's love as the completely reliable source of permanent good.
About Lynn Jackson: Lynn Jackson is a Christian Science practitioner and teacher from Lubbock, TX. She has written extensively for the Christian Science magazines and lectured on Christian Science for a number of years. She has a deep interest in healing historical theology, the early church, primitive Christianity and their application to world issues today. She has a bachelor's degree in English literature and a Masters in Christian Ministry. She and her husband have three daughters.

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