zondag 4 juli 2010

Kritiek hebben

Hieronder volgt een commentaar op de Daily Lift van Maryl Walters,  over criticism.
Dit is het lezen waard.

65. Grateful listener says:

Thanks so much, Maryl, for a much needed reminder. Lyle Young wrote a wonderful article in the Journal of September 2008, “The Right to Mental Freedom.” I took rather extensive notes which I refer to daily, especially this short excerpt: “Whether another person seems to be a little less than perfect – or considerably less than perfect – we can be sure that this information is false. It’s only a picture of mistaken identity, nothing more than an impersonal mental suggestion of imperfection. This picture really could have nothing to do with another person. Why? Because God’s mage and likeness is always perfect good and perfect.”
And this is from “The Father’s Welcome Home” by Mark Swinney, Sentinel, December 15, 2008: “In any situation, even if you’re the only one who recognizes that God’s creation is truly there within someone, that’s enough. God’s love is the hallmark and guiding force of our entire existence. Love is the God you’ve always known and trusted.”
And lastly from the Monitor of March 16, 2009, “To see God as Love, and creation as His loving, loved, and lovable children, brings out the best in us and in others. We see them as God sees them, and this helps lift off the scars of the past that may have filled them with hate.” This has been especially helpful in dealing with criticism of the past that just doesn’t seem to be overcome and healed. We live in the present, not the past, and as Mary Baker Eddy begins Science and Health in the Preface, “TO those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings.” Blessings cannot include criticism. Neither does gratitude – being grateful for the good that is there in everyone as God’s child reflecting only His perfection.

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